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Power of 4 - Enter Team Lemon4de

2014-06-18 19:25:13 by Stupor

This year I'm stepping up and doing it. I'm going out there and grabbing life by the horns and making my dreams come true.

That's right, a couple of talented people and I are teaming up and joining the Power of Four game dev summer event. We're going to make a game that blows away all of the other games. We will take home the game trophy. One day there will be a day of remembrance in honor of the minds blown by the staggeringly beautiful phenomenon that will be our game.

Until I can announce the rest of the team, or announce anything about the game, or anything else about anything, I don't have that much else to say. Stay Tuned.

Stupor out.


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2014-11-26 01:58:14

what kind of game? a physical game, a virtual game? perhaps a mental game?

my the possibilities are endless. im excite